Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

“Paper Man” Blu-Ray Giveaway

We’re partnering with MPI Media to give away a gift pack for the Blu-Ray release of “Paper Man,” starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Daniels and Lisa Kudrow (watch the trailer – available on Blu-Ray and DVD today!). Daniels plays a novelist with some pretty serious writer’s block, and Reynolds is his imaginary friend, Captain Excellent.

The gift pack includes a Blu-Ray of the movie, plus an Amazon Kindle.

Entering is easy: just comment on this post with your LT username, and we’ll pick the winner at random at 3 p.m. EST on Friday (21 January). Multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning.

Update: Congratulations to LTer aglaia351, the winner of this giveaway. Enjoy!

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  1. uru says:

    uru is my LibraryThing username

  2. EowynA says:

    This sounds like a fun movie and a great opportunity to see it.

  3. ToniWI says:

    This looks like a fun movie. Just got a blue-ray player for Christmas and am looking to add to my blue-ray collection of 2. Oh and the Kindle would be cool too. LOL

  4. Hmm, was this good, or kind of creepy? Username: lquilter

  5. silentq says:

    Username: silentq

  6. talbin says:

    Sounds good to me! User name Talbin.

  7. Dani says:

    <3 Jeff Daniels. This movie looks pretty interesting!

    Username: danibrecher

  8. kristy says:

    I love a giveaway! My user name is kristykay22

  9. Sara says:

    I saw this movie at a film festival – it’s pretty good. Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin are great in it.

    username: sduff222

  10. Andy says:

    Username: andy.hochadel

  11. Becky says:

    username is rjmoren and this sounds like a very cool contest!

  12. nfmgirl2 says:

    Great! Please count me in!

    Username: nfmgirl2

  13. Mario V says:

    This sounds awesome


  14. Username: biblioholic29

  15. Matt says:

    username: mattgalletta

  16. My LT name is shelfmonkey.

  17. mrdoan72 says:

    This sounds like it will be a really good movie

  18. elenchus says:

    My LT name is elenchus.

  19. David says:

    Sounds like fun.

    My LT name is tapestry100

  20. doondeck says:

    My LT name is doondeck

  21. Jessiey says:

    username: simplyjessiey2

  22. Jen K says:

    Sounds like a fun movie! My LT name is irishsurprise

  23. jpers36 says:

    my username is jpers36

  24. DanieXJ says:

    Wait, there’s a Ryan Reynolds movie that I haven’t heard about, yikes. Sounds interesting.

    Username is DanieXJ

  25. majkia says:

    Interesting! Sounds like fun! LT username: majkia

  26. Marie says:

    User name: mihess


  27. Tyler Mace says:

    tylerdmace <— Pick me!

  28. Harold Edwards says:

    user name hredwards

  29. fundevogel says:

    derp ba derp berp

    username: fundevogel

  30. Suso says:

    User name: Suso711 😀

  31. Noisy says:

    I’m Noisy.

    … and I don’t type much so my initial try was rejected.

  32. Toby says:

    tkraft would really like to win! Woot!

  33. TineOliver says:

    My username is (obviously) TineOliver

  34. Jasmyn says:

    Oh, I absolutely love Ryan Reynolds…although his hair is a bit funky in this one.

    Username = jasmyn9

  35. abealy says:

    I wish I could think of something to say.

  36. Liz says:

    username- witchylady333

  37. Betty says:

    username: bragan

  38. Bette says:

    user name bbellthom. Movie looks good and who doesn’t love to win free stuff.

  39. Betty says:

    User name: dudes22 Going on vacation – I could use a Kindle

  40. wademlee says:

    username: wademlee

  41. Nora says:

    username: norabelle414

  42. cwallen says:

    username: cwallen

  43. Andrew says:

    user name is zzhupinga hope I win!

  44. Amanda says:

    Username: afmarble

  45. Willie says:

    username: williecostello

  46. Darrin says:

    username Nirrad

  47. NNU Career Center says:

    username: nnucareercenter

  48. Rod says:

    username: rodneyvc

  49. Sage says:

    Count me in. Sagespot

  50. Ryvre says:

    Username: ryvre

  51. caffron says:

    Caffron here, and I’m game!

  52. Landshark5 says:

    LT username : Landshark5

  53. icedtea says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    username: icedtea

  54. Charee says:

    username ccchv2
    I would love to win this, sound like a good movie

  55. Kristen M. says:

    Cool, count me in too! username: klpm

  56. Rich says:

    Yes, please! username: cthulhuslibrarian

  57. Nicole says:

    PaperbackPirate likes Jeff Daniels!!!

  58. kcrisell says:

    Cool beans!
    Username: kcrisell

  59. Cynthia Coffman says:

    User name—-> Pickle115

  60. Marie T says:

    This would be fun!

  61. jtelling says:

    Looks like fun – and a great cast! Wish me luck! (Oh, and the Kindle wouldn’t be too bad either).

  62. Octane says:

    Sounds interesting!

  63. Shrew says:

    lt username: shrew

  64. Debbie says:

    My username is _debbie_. What fun contests are!! Thanks!

  65. JustJim says:

    If I win this, I promise not to catalogue it on LibraryThing. 😉

  66. keristars says:

    This is a surprising contest, but interesting nonetheless. I’d never heard of the film before now!

  67. tarmina says:

    Love Jeff Daniels.

  68. starlightgenie says:

    That couch made of books in the trailer looks so cool.

  69. dakvid says:

    Great idea – here’s to more giveaways from LT! 🙂

  70. fmgolden says:

    looks like fun!

  71. Osbaldistone says:

    Can’t wait!! This may get me into the e-book world after all.

  72. tgford says:

    Sounds like a fun movie.

  73. Amber says:

    Could be fun.

  74. lauriehere says:

    Library Thing partnering with MPI Media partnering sounds AWESOME!!! Plus Amazon!!!!
    Count me in, PLEASE!!!
    I hope I win!!!!!
    I hope there are MORE of these!!!
    Thank you!

  75. Mr.Durick says:

    I could play that.

  76. suralon says:

    Count me in! The movie looks fascinating!

  77. 1Dragones says:

    Looks like a movie I would enjoy.

  78. Lady K says:

    Sounds really great !

  79. HockeyGoddess says:

    A book-related movie AND a Kindle?? How can you go wrong??

  80. InkySkink says:

    Looks Interesting.

  81. tokkra says:

    Wonderful movie!

  82. Momyerom says:

    What a great giveaway!

  83. melydia says:

    Definitely looks like something I would enjoy watching. Thanks!

  84. Irene Patrick says:

    Cool giveaway! Thanks.
    username: atozgrl

  85. Lithicbee says:

    LT username : lithicbee

  86. James Purcell says:

    Looks interesting and my grand kids can show me how to use them.

  87. Lilithcat says:

    Won’t have much use for the Blu-ray, but a Kindle would be fun!

  88. Jeff says:

    This one looks interesting. Plus, Kindle!

  89. Susan says:

    The trailer looks great; would love to see the movie!

  90. Melissa says:

    mine is Lallybroch

  91. elvisettey says:

    Contests! Fun! LT username: elvisettey

  92. JustinTheLibrarian


  93. Trevor Connolly says:

    What a great contest!

    – Maripacs

  94. Michael says:

    Vegetrendian would be ecstatic to win this prize pack!

  95. vegetrendian2 says:

    Vegetrendian2 is in the game, and excited at his chances!

  96. vegetrendian3 says:

    vegetrendian3 wants in on the action too!

  97. misericordia says:

    Captain Excellent rules!
    user name: misericordia

  98. lisa :) says:

    Thanks for the great contest!
    LT username: elbakerone

  99. Brickhorse says:

    This is fun! I’m in!

  100. Hibou8 says:

    heh, my first attempt at a comment was too short ;p thanks for the contest! Hibou8

  101. Rick says:

    Holy crap…A kindle? A movie? Gimme Gimme…

  102. ben.wildeboer says:

    Sounds good to me. 🙂

  103. bosie says:

    Very generous! I hope I win…

  104. jayde78 says:

    wow a kindle and a movie.

  105. cmasbell says:

    this is awesome

  106. DelQuinn says:

    I don’t think I have much chance in the contest but I’ll try anyways. Sounds like an interesting movie

  107. kodibear says:

    Looks like an interesting movie!

  108. Damien Ryan says:

    Jeff Daniels FTW. Count me in.

  109. Count me in! aethercowboy

  110. infiniteletters says:

    Shiny. Hmm, that was too short. More shiny?

  111. Gabor Hernadi says:

    Great! Count me in….

  112. kristinmm says:

    Sounds good! My comment is also too short…

  113. rastaphrog says:

    a free movie AND a kindle? Heck, I’ll take a chance 🙂

  114. Fred Van Doren says:

    This is a fabulous offer. Kindle has my mouth watering.

  115. Julie DuVall says:

    A Kindle? And a movie about books? Me want! fionacat

  116. jeff.maynes says:

    Fantastic! Worth a shot!

  117. pbadeer says:

    Never heard of it, but sounds fun

  118. Cinematic says:

    This movie generated some buzz when it first got its limited release and I am a huge Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone fan. Jeff Daniels is great too. I would love to win this.

  119. NorthernStar says:

    sounds interesting – both the movie and the kindle.

  120. David Starner says:

    Prosfilaes. Sounds interesting.

  121. kyriaw says:

    Sounds awesome. Thanks!

  122. DromJohn says:

    Greedy camel was too short.

  123. SqueakyChu says:

    I’m skeptical of a Kindle, but…I’ll bite.

  124. Yvain says:

    Thanks! I am happy to accept gifts.

  125. trackbianca says:

    Open to Aussies as well?

  126. verenka says:

    the only way this could be better is if it included chocolate and a pony 😉

  127. Yay! not only do I love Ryan Reynolds, but the Capatain Excellent name is hilarious,lol
    Must see this movie:D

  128. Ooh shiny. (wtf wordpress why is my comment too short)

  129. blue_windchime says:

    Awesome giveaway – count me in!

  130. Smejan says:

    I´ll be happy to receive a Kindle. Or a movie. Or a Kindle 😉

  131. There is nothing like overcoming writer’s block with Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone.

  132. littleamyshort says:

    A 2 in 1 deal. How awesome is that!!

  133. Oh, this is exciting! Count me in.

  134. mistique0130 says:

    I have really been wanting a kindle! Hope I win!

  135. Cottontail says:

    This sounds too good to be true. The movie sounds great but a Kindle too, that is even better. I’d be happy with either or both :). Good luck to all.

  136. ZebraReader says:

    Books and movies – my two most favorite things!

  137. buriedinbooks says:

    Sounds like fun! Not sure if I will like a Kindle, because there’s nothing like a real book, but I bet somebody in my family will enjoy it.

  138. kelsiface says:

    Wow– how generous!

  139. Theo Clarke says:

    theoclarke is feeling random.

  140. pandora05 says:

    I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Matt Doc Martin says:

    I will give it a go!


  142. Eric Romsted says:

    My prior comment was too short

  143. berbalang says:

    I would not mind having these.

  144. JoeToad says:

    I want one too.

  145. Kristen Heyl says:

    I would love to have a Kindle:)

  146. Ronrose1 says:

    Sounds like a great movie and with a free Kindle. Count me in.

  147. fred_moro says:

    Looks like a good movie.

  148. bestem says:

    I don’t care so much about the movie, but the Kindle, that’d be nice.

  149. SonicQuack says:

    Um, can I win in the UK? (that’s my comment too)

  150. soniaandree says:

    Please? S’il vous plaît? Por favor? ПОЖАЛУЙСТА? Per favore? 🙂

    (I don’t know how to beg in more languages…)

  151. Gerard Nielsen says:

    NielsenGW would like a crack at the prize pack!

  152. d❤vid says:

    And I thought I was naughty to enter my DVDs on LT 🙂 – username kwill

  153. Who wouldn’t love a change at this one? Tea_and_Tomes sure would, that’s for sure!

  154. BB says:

    This movie was just recommended to me by a friend! User name: BookishBella

  155. Nuatha says:

    In the hope that non US residents qualify (in the rather optimistic thought of my name being randomly selected)

  156. mahsdad says:

    mahsdad (real name Jeff Helm) entering the contest

  157. Kirsten says:

    Awesome giveaway; sign me up!

  158. Kirsten says:

    Erm, aglaia531 – was so excited I forgot to leave my username 😉

  159. Mary DeSive says:

    Never heard of the movie before, but I’m intrigued! username mdesive

  160. Jdigilio says:

    Love Ryan and Lisa (and LibraryThing). – jdigilio

  161. Melissa McIntyre says:

    melthefishy thinks this prize is amazingly wonderful, and hopes everyone has a lovely weekend.

  162. Dayna says:

    Looks good! username – DaynaRT

  163. Mariam says:

    User name: mariamsultana
    hoping I can import my books from goodreads!

  164. John says:


  165. anamuk says:

    Can we non-us types play too ?

  166. Jes says:

    That looks like an interesting film!

  167. Claire says:

    It’s klarusu & I’m shouting *pick me! Pick me!*

  168. Aaron says:

    Sign StormRaven up.

  169. Troy Kitch says:

    OK, I admit I’m commenting solely for the chance to win a Kindle.

  170. OriBori says:

    Wow — would love to win the movie and kindle. My fingers are crossed.

  171. julierenee13 says:

    Sounds exciting! Sign me up for the contest! Another reason I LOVE LibraryThing!

  172. JenB says:

    Thanks for the chance to win stuff. wandergirl881

  173. Minerva says:

    Fingers crossed… Minerva8843

  174. ForeignCircus would love a new Kindle!

  175. smileydq says:

    great idea for a contest. I’m smileydq and I would love to win!

  176. LauraHB says:

    username: LauraHB


  177. Cyan says:

    username: Cyandron

  178. magwi says:

    username: pursuitofsanity
    Oh how I would love to win. YIPEE!

  179. cweller says:

    username: cweller

  180. Little chance of winning, but there’s always hope. LJ username: jkcohen

  181. Jeremy says:

    Wow. 180 comments! Very impressive. The period for entries is now closed. Off to pick a winner!

  182. Jeremy says:

    Courtesy of Random.org, the winner is … [drum roll please ….]


    Congratulations, and thanks to all for participating! Now get working on the next contest, submit your non-English bookpiles by January 31!

  183. Laura Goodwin says:

    Enter me, username : Lg4154

  184. Hey, that’s not fair! You gave us a deadline of 21 January and emailed me about it on 25 January. Dr Who declined to assist Dr McAulay with her time-travel, so I’ve missed the bus. Sigh!

  185. Jeremy says:

    Hey Karen, sorry you missed this one. The contest referred to in January’s State of the Thing is the other we’ve got going, for international bookpiles. Entries for that are due on Monday (31 January). This one was a shorter-term giveaway. You can always add the LT blog to your bookmarks or RSS reader so you don’t miss these!

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