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Friday, September 21st, 2007

Early Reviewer books shipping; Second Life announcement

The September batch of Early Reviewer books is now closed, and books are about to start arriving on the doorsteps of 75 lucky winners.

Once again, we were oversubscribed this batch—1,550 people requested those 75 copies, giving us a good test for the algorithm matching books to people! Thanks to Unbridled Books and Nimble Books for the books, and we’re all looking forward to reading those reviews! To everyone who didn’t get a book this time around, don’t give up hope! We have a LOT of books coming in the October batch.

We also have a big announcement about LTER coming early next week, so stay tuned…

Second Life. A quick note about Second Life—LibraryThing members gather there every Saturday at noon (Second Life Time). This week there’s an animal themed Bookstacks quiz. Want more info? Check out LibraryThing’s Second Life group.

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007

“Also on” and Second Life

We’ve been working on some major improvements to our “also on” feature. In short, “also on” allows you to link your LibraryThing profile to your profile elsewhere, such as Facebook, AOL Instant Messenger, MySpace, LiveJournal, and now Second Life.

If you’ve never seen “also on,” check it out. Go to your profile and click “edit profile.” We’ve got almost 100 sites listed so far. We’re going to be some interesting things with a number of them, but Facebook and Second Life will get most of our attention.

We’ve just added Second Life to “also on.” They don’t have a URL for every member, but we have other plans there!

The Second Life push was inspired by meeting John Lester (SL: Pathfinder Linden) at ALA recently. (Basically, I hailed a guy in a Second Life t-shirt and he turned out to be the operations director of the Boston office of Linden Labs—what luck!) Also, member JPB (SL: Joel CiscoSystems), an amazing Second-Life programmer, has offered to do the “front end” work on Second Life/LibraryThing integration. The “back end” won’t be that hard.

First up will be some sort of program to detect when other LT-ers are near you. When you get near one, LibraryThing and Second Life team up to tell you, and mention a book you share in common.

But that’s just a first step. JPB has head-spinning plans, and we’re happy to help. Come talk about ideas on the Second Life group.

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Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Second Life? (Sunday social at Bookmooch)

Someone finally roped me in to Second Life.

Tomorrow (Sunday) LibraryThing members are invited to crash the weekly get-together put on by Bookmooch.* It’s at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacfic, at the Bookmooch/Magnatune area on Second Life. Here’s a link to go there. If I can figure out how, I’ll give you a LibraryThing t-shirt I made.

I’ll be interested to see who turns up. I’m not sure what I think of Second Life yet. It seems empty, and I don’t find the chats very interesting. But I like building, and I have this idea that LibraryThing should integrate so that members have random books from their LibraryThing libraries floating over their head. (Or maybe it’s books you share with someone floating around you?) But I’m not going to think about it seriously for a while. There’s too much else to do.

But, if you want to meet other Thingamabrarians—well, me anyway—and Bookmoochers, come check it out.

Update: I also made a Second Life group on LibraryThing.

Note: If you’re not a member of Second Life already, downloading and setting it up will take you 10-15 minutes. You need a fairly fast machine.

*John Buckman, the Bookmooch creator, okayed the idea.

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