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Friday, December 7th, 2007

The Somnambulist!

A few days ago, I announced our December batch of Early Reviewer books. One of the books, The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes, immediately shot to the most requested spot. An hour in 200 people wanted a copy. As of right now, 1081 people have requested it—making it by far our most requested Early Reviewer book ever.* Unfortunately, we had only 20 copies to give.

So, I emailed the publisher, William Morrow, and asked if they’d be willing to part with more copies. They readily agreed, and tripled the quantity of books from 20 available copies to 60. So, forty more people will get to read and review The Somnambulist early. Thanks William Morrow!

This batch is shaping up to be popular across the board. I can’t stop refreshing the list of Early Reviewer books, it’s addictive to see them go.**

On a semi-related note, we also have some cross over between Early Reviewers and our LibraryThing Author program. This month, Spellbinder Press is offering up The Sex Club by L. J. Sellers, one of our LibraryThing Authors! (L.J.’s LibraryThing profile). So after you request her book, go browse through the author’s library… We’ve had several other authors join (or while) their books were up on Early Reviewers. Check out:

*The number kept rising as I was drafting this, and understandably so. It looks fantastic, I plan on reading it myself when it comes out… As one member put it in Talk, “I suspect that’s because it’s the first thing to show up that has a decidedly fantastical bent to it. The sci-fi fans and fantasy fans groups on LT are two of the largest.”
**[Tim’s note: If I were eligible, I’d go for The Boat and the Sea of Galilee, about the discovery, excavation and preservation of a first-century boat, something I know a little about from briefly working at the Institute for Nautical Archaeology in Bodrum, Turkey. Unfortunately, I’m not eligible. We need to start getting our own copies, though. Some day we’ll want to take a picture of all the books Early Reviewers has released, and we won’t be able.]

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