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Friday, March 24th, 2023

TinyCat’s March Library of the Month: The Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association

With warmer days on the horizon (at least for us Northern Hemisphere folks), this month’s spotlight features the library for The Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association in New Zealand. The Association’s volunteer Webmaster and Librarian Peter Mitchell was kind enough to tell me more about what they do:

Who are you, and what is your mission—your “raison d’être”?

The Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association (LRCWBA) are a community group that surround Lake Rotoiti (which means ‘small lake’ in Māori). There are two Rotoitis in New Zealand and ours is the North Island one. The group exists to coordinate fun social events and to gather and preserve vintage boats.

Tell us some interesting things about how your library supports the community.

The group members can pull a book on a particular technical area such as restoring a clinker built hull or a 1950s inboard motor. That material would not be available in many places these days.

What are some of your favorite items in your collection?

LRCWBA’s volunteer Webmaster / Librarian Peter Mitchell and his boat.

The library has starry picture books, heroic high seas tales and technical manuals on motors and restorations.

What’s a particular challenge your library experiences?

We need our members to engage with it a bit more, but this is just a marketing task. Basically me, the librarian, talking to each member about what they can contribute and what they can get from the library.

What’s your favorite thing about TinyCat?

I love the way TinyCat backs into a few different book catalogues and can pull data across to speed up the creation of the catalogue.

Want to learn more about the LRCWBA? 

Visit their website at, follow them on Facebook, and explore their full TinyCat collection here.

To read up on TinyCat’s previous Libraries of the Month, visit the TinyCat Post archive here.

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Thursday, March 16th, 2023

An Interview with Jane Roper

LibraryThing is pleased to sit down this month with author Jane Roper, whose memoir Double Time chronicled her first three years as the mother of twins, while she was also grappling with a diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder; and whose debut novel, Eden Lake, used the classic setting of a summer camp to explore issues of love and loss. Roper’s second novel, The Society of Shame, is due out this April from Anchor Books, and follows the story of a woman who becomes a social media sensation after a photograph capturing a period stain on the back of her pants goes viral.

The Society of Shame centers around a woman who becomes an online sensation after a photograph taken of her goes viral. Was there a real-life internet drama which served as an inspiration for your story? If not, where did your story idea come from?

In one sense the story was inspired by all internet dramas. I’ve always been fascinated by how scandals and dustups play out online—how quickly things can go viral, and the ravenous way people gawk and/or pile on with their opinions and judgment.

I wanted to build a novel around an attention-averse character who becomes “internet famous,” but hadn’t figured out the inciting incident. Then I saw a news story making the rounds online about a man who came home to find his wife and her lover dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage, where they’d (presumably) been having sex in her idling car. Finding out your spouse has been unfaithful is humiliating enough, but to have it become national news, and the source of endless jokes—oof! So, I decided to have the heroine of my book, Kathleen Held, discover in a very public way that her husband, a U.S. Senate candidate, is cheating on her (also in a garage, but nobody dies). Then I doubled down on her humiliation by having a picture from the scene, complete with the period stain on her pants, go viral.

In many cultures, menstruation is surrounded by taboos, and often tied to notions of shame, particularly in the public sphere. What made you center this particular form of “shame” in your story, and what is its significance? Did you feel that your storytelling itself was breaking taboos?

Every woman lives in dread of having a period mishap, because of those taboos you mention. So, it felt like the perfect choice for Kathleen’s shame-inducing crisis, and one that many readers would relate to. I also needed something that could plausibly snowball into something much bigger than Kathleen’s own humiliation. There’s a lot of very real, much needed activism around menstrual justice and destigmatization happening today, so it wasn’t that big a stretch to create the fictional #YesWeBleed movement in the book.

I do feel like I’m breaking taboos by writing a book where menstruation is a big part of the plot—and I love it! There’s no reason for periods to be a source of shame, and the more people write / talk / make art about it, the more normalized it will become, I hope.

Social media also features prominently in your novel, which is described as an exploration of the perils of being “extremely online.” What are those perils? Is there a connection, in your view, between social media and shame culture?

I confess, I love social media. But when you spend too much time there, it starts to feel like your entire world. You lose your sense of perspective, and reactions to your posts and pictures and comments from others online—many of whom are complete strangers—take on an outsize weight. This is what happens to Kathleen in The Society of Shame: she gets so obsessed with what people are thinking and saying about her on social media that she loses sight of her real-life relationships and her core values and priorities.

I think there’s definitely a connection between social media and shame culture. In colonial times, people who misbehaved were shamed by being put in the stocks or publicly whipped on the town green, where everyone could watch and jeer and hurl rotten cabbages. Today, social media is the town green, but on a much, much bigger scale. Humans take a certain glee in shaming people, and social media makes it so easy to join in—and enjoy feeling morally superior in the process. You can like and share and retweet and add your own indictments or snarky quips. The only thing you can’t do is throw produce. I wanted to hold a mirror up to all of this in the book, get people thinking—and laughing, I hope—about online shaming, and the way it affects people at the receiving end.

Your protagonist channels her humiliation into becoming an activist but finds that her pursuit of online celebrity is harming her relationship with her daughter. Are you offering a commentary on activism, as it is enacted online? If so, what would healthy activism look like?

Kathleen’s problems aren’t so much about her activism, per se, but her all-consuming quest for approval by the internet masses. What I wanted to illuminate about online activism is how easily it can become performative—more about the memes and hashtags and swag (like the menstrual cup hats the activists in the book sport) than the substance of the work. Truly effective activism tends to be a long-game, and most of it is not Insta-worthy.

Tell us about your library. What’s on your own shelves?

My LibraryThing shelves are still very much a work in progress, but they lean heavily toward books that have stuck with me for years, many of which I read when I first started writing fiction in my twenties: Interpreter of Maladies, Love in the Time of Cholera, Middlesex, Nine Stories, The Shipping News, Invisible Man, and The Remains of the Day, to name a few. Reading as a writer for the first time, I was obsessed with figuring out how and why they worked, so they left an extra deep impression.

There are also a number of memoirs on my shelf—I particularly like funny ones, by funny women—lots of literary fiction, some favorite classics, and a growing number of psychological thrillers. I’ve been getting more and more into this genre of late, especially as audiobooks. They’re an excellent incentive to pop in my earbuds and go running!

What have you been reading lately, and what would you recommend to other readers?

I’m currently deep into Terra Nova by Henriette Lazaridis. It’s a gorgeous historical novel about two British men who hope to be the first people to reach the South Pole, and the woman they both love back home in England, a photographer documenting the women’s suffrage movement. I also recently read and loved How to Be Eaten, by Maria Adelmann, which depicts fairytale heroines as modern-day tabloid fodder. It’s funny and smart and completely original.

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

March 2023 Early Reviewers Batch Is Live!

Win free books from the March 2023 batch of Early Reviewer titles! We’ve got 173 books this month, and a grand total of 3,669 copies to give out. Which books are you hoping to snag this month? Come tell us on Talk.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Early Reviewers. If you’ve already signed up, please check your mailing/email address and make sure they’re correct.

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The deadline to request a copy is Monday, March 27th at 6PM EDT.

Eligibility: Publishers do things country-by-country. This month we have publishers who can send books to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and more. Make sure to check the message on each book to see if it can be sent to your country.

The Words We LostThe Secret to HappinessThe Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius SanchoThe Swindlers DaughterThe Long March Home: A World War II Novel of the PacificIn the Shadow of the RiverThe Chapel of RetributionIt. Goes. So. Fast: The Year of No Do-OversThe Coldest Winter I Ever SpentSay Anarcha: A Young Woman, a Devious Surgeon, and the Harrowing Birth of Modern Women's HealthThe Wishing Pool and Other StoriesAustin NoirThe Lioness of LeidenThe Resilient Life: Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout, and Strengthen Your Mental and Physical HealthBananaWhat Does Little Crocodile Say at the Beach?Domino's Tree HouseLiving Resistance: An Indigenous Vision for Seeking Wholeness Every DayParallel Realities: A Turing FictionA Green Velvet SecretBlood from a Stone: A Memoir of How Wine Brought Me Back from the DeadHide and Shh!: A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About InclusionUncontrollableThe Funny MoonI Think I'm Falling ApartRefugeeTrue Crime Trivia: 350 Fascinating Questions & Answers to Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Mysteries, Cold Cases, Heists & MoreLonely Are the BraveHaisley's Birthday MoneyReading for the Love of God: How to Read As a Spiritual PracticePregnant While Black: Reshaping the Story of an American TragedyOut for BloodBefore the Streetlights Come On: Black America's Urgent Call for Climate SolutionsMissed Conceptions: How We Make Sense of InfertilityA Love Letter from GodThe Morse Code: Legacy of a Vermont SportswriterNever Enough: Three Pillars of Food Addiction RecoveryMontpelier TomorrowWorld's Worst Time MachineBroken ObjectsMarked for GraceI Pray You'll Be...Tales from the Ruins: A Post-Apocalyptic AnthologyQuarantine HighwayBea and the New Deal HorseBilly BalloonThe Adventures of the Flash Gang: Episode One: Exploding ExperimentToxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma Into Adult FreedomThe Shadow of TheronStatelessThralls of a Tyrant GodThe Island SistersWindtakerBreath and StarshineGhosts of AldaNo Need To Mention ItThe Edge of Life: Love and Survival During the ApocalypseTribal Histories of the Willamette ValleyGrow Damn It!: The Feeding and Nurturing of LifeGallery of the Disappeard Men: StoriesAnimals in Surprising Shades: Poems about Earth's Colorful CreaturesFinley: A Moose on the CabooseUnboundThe VarietyThe Tragicomedy of the Virtuous OctaviaA Comparative Study of Byrd SongsA Restitution for Decayed Intelligence in AntiquitiesSmith: Or, The Tears of the MusesJob Triumphant in His Trial and The Woodman’s BearDesolationThe Ultimate Guide to Celebrant Weddings: All You Need to Know About Planning Your Special DayEverything Has A PriceMurder on the Pneumatic RailwayThe Dark King's HeartWitness to the Dark: A Testimony of SurvivalBlood KingsNext: A Brief History of the Future50 of Tel Aviv's Most Intriguing Streets: The Lives Behind the NamesThe Book of Esther: A Commentary and HistoryHere We Are All Jews: 175 Russian-Jewish JourneysThe Lives of the Children of Manasia: Oral History Interviews with the Bnei Menashe Community in IsraelA Brief and Visual History of AntisemitismAfter MidnightMisery HappensWicked GraceEmbersWild Azure WavesFallen AngelMy Song's GiftHell BentThe Forest's KeeperThe Wolf and the WitchGlacial HeatThe Hawk and the HoundThe Garden of Evil: The Story of Herb Baumeister and The Disturbing Horror at The Fox Hallow FarmRendezvous with Injustice: How a Family Survived Hell After Blowing the Whistle on the 1MDB Financial ScamImaginary FriendsAleenaEmbracing Rhythms of Work and Rest: From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back AgainLessons My Brothers Taught Me: How to Transform Your Personal Qualities into a Successful BusinessGRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics - Book 2 (Eighth Edition)GRE Words in Context: The Complete List (Fifth Edition)Digital SAT Math Practice Questions (2023)Lonely Are the BraveHole in My Heart: Love and Loss in the Fault Lines of AdoptionFoxy TailsVoices Behind the CurtainDaughter of the ShadowsSlavemarkedEverything She SaidA Bad Bout of The YipsThe Wasp QueenJourney to HolbrinBillion Dollar HackGrasping at GravityRed Velvet SunriseThe Syrian SunsetGuidelines of Cross Training for Women: Why Women Can and Should Lift Like a Man to Look Like a GoddessIntermittent Fasting for Women 40, 50 and Older: Natural Approach to Balancing Hormones, Losing Weight and Reversing AgingMickey CollinsPromote the Dog Sitter and Other Principles for Leading During DisastersEnemies CloserHard Times in the Country: Memoir of the 1930s Great DepressionThe Flower from the GarbageSecond Chance at the Water JumpBreaking Midnight: A True StoryOver 50 Exercises That Support Cross Training: A Revolutionary Guide to Prevent InjuryStolen ProphetBooks for BenjaminFalling in Love in the BurgElephant Crusher: Short Stories and MusingsKafka in TangierThe Museum of Forward Planning: Real Stories from Our Imaginary MuseumThe Night of the Burning CarThe Vampire Next DoorWild Monogamy: Cultivating Erotic Intimacy to Keep Passion and Desire AliveBreak Out of Burnout: Real Life Solutions For Beating Burnout To Live The Stress-Free Life You Always ImaginedIntermittent Fasting Lifestyle for Women: A Unique Guide for Wellness, Weight Loss and Longevity Using the Power of the SubconsciousThe Far Side of RedemptionIntercludaeTrue Crime Trivia: 350 Fascinating Questions & Answers to Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Mysteries, Cold Cases, Heists & MoreCreeper ChaosParallel Realities: A Turing FictionAvoid The Mistakes As A First Time Gardener Growing Your Own VegetablesThe Time WardenStock Market Investing For Teens Made Easy: In 5 Steps You Will Discover The Secret Path to Becoming a Millionaire InvestorBiblical Bedtime Stories For Kids: New Testament Amazing Moments; Pointing Your Children To God, Ages 4 – 8Biblical Bedtime Stories For Kids: New Testament Amazing Moments; Pointing Your Children To God, Ages 4 – 8The Last Time I'll Ever See YouReckoning of the SonsOnline Business Secrets For Women Beginners: 12-Month Plan for a Smooth Transition from Your Job to an Online Business, Crush Limiting Beliefs, Create Security, and Build True Financial FreedomLiderazgo Para Las Nuevas Gerentas: 21 Estrategias Poderosas De Coaching De Equipos De Alto Rendimiento, Para Ganar Su Respeto E Influenciarlos PositivamentePAWsitive Vibes — DogsPrimitive Health & Beauty: Re-Install Your Fitness Genes: Cultivate the Right Mentality for Healthy Eating and Training Habits to Regenerate Your Physical FitnessHow to Create the Conditions For Great WorkTransformer KitAll the Climate FeelsThe Sapphire SolutionMy Race Against Death: Lessons Learned from My Health StrugglesSecond To SinStranger DangerThe Gift of LoveMastering the Art of Saving Money in the Modern World: Practical Tips and Strategies for Financial StabilityThe RebirthGive My Regards to Nowhere: A Director's TaleShadow CharmsObsessionSemi-GlossBiblical Food for Kids: 91 Daily Nutritious Wholesome Meal for Raising Healthy and Spirit-Filled Children to Giants, Ages 7-12Biblical Food for Kids: 91 Daily Nutritious Wholesome Meal for Raising Healthy and Spirit-Filled Children to Giants, Ages 7-12The Nine Lives of Felix the TomcatShocking PinkYou Can Be A King If You Are Brave

Thanks to all the publishers participating this month!

5 Prince Publishing Akashic Books Anaphora Literary Press
Beaufort Books Bethany House BHC Press
Black Beacon Books Brazos Press Broadleaf Books
Cardinal Rule Press Cennan Books of Cynren Press Cinnabar Moth Publishing LLC
City Owl Press Gefen Publishing House Gnome Road Publishing
Grand Canyon Press Greenleaf Book Group Grousable Books
Henry Holt and Company Hot Tree Publishing Houndstooth Press
IVP IVP Formatio Lerner Publishing Group
Life to Paper Publishing NeoParadoxa Ooligan Press
PublishNation Purple Diamond Press Revell
Rootstock Publishing Somewhat Grumpy Press The Story Plant
True Crime Seven Tundra Books Vibrant Publishers
White Hair Press Wise Media Group WorthyKids

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