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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Chapters/Indigo adds LibraryThing tags to store kiosks

Update: INDEX // mb just took another look at the Indigo Kisoks, concluding “The addition of the Library Thing tags make a heap of difference.”

Chapters/Indigo, the largest Canadian bookseller, just rolled out thousands of brand new in-store kiosks. (See the mostly positive review at Index//mb). Among other things the new search is enhanced by LibraryThing tags. The tags aren’t shown on the page, but they’re helping drive better search results.

For example, a search for “medieval murder mystery” turns up appropriate books, starting with the Ellis PetersBrother Cadfael books.

We wish we could link to the system, but kiosks are in-store only. So, if you’re in Canada, check it out. (And try big ones like “chick lit” or “steampunk” for us, will you?)

Other users of LibraryThing tags include Random House (example), AquaBrowser and the more than 150 public and academic libraries using LibraryThing for Libraries, from Seattle to Utrecht.

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