Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Book pile winner

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I was trying to give the job posting as much time as possible on top. So go read it again. Forward to your friends and get $1,000 worth of books. Come work with us, we’re fun.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto business.

Once upon a time, LibraryThing had a bad couple of days. Bad for everything, it seems, except book piles. We got a *huge* response to our impromptu contest to find a new book pile to grace what we call “the down page”—what becomes the homepage when the site is down, for whatever reason.

The sheer number of entries was astounding. Clearly the lesson to be learned here is that you all have a lot of free time on your hands when you can’t be on LT. Logically, we should bring the site down everytime we do a book pile contest in the future. Right? 🙂

Without further ado, the winning pile, which will now live on our down page—here’s hoping we rarely see it!

The Paradox of LibraryThing by adamallen

A few other favorites, ranging from philosophy to dispair…

The poignant Wish You Were Here by Lilithcat
Oh so subtle
From Blue Screen to Death Notes…
Fix-it by Staffordcastle (let’s just hope that home plumbing never comes into it).
A Series of Unfortunate Events
And if there was ever doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words…

You can see the rest of the incredible photos here:, and a colorful selection of them in this blog post.

Make sure to check out past winners in the book pile archive. We’ll announce the next contest soon..

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