Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

An election-day tag cloud

For our US members:

LibraryThing is strictly non-partisan; I’m not trying to make any points with my selections! I tried to think of issues and topics that were in play this year, or that commonly motivate Americans’ votes. I left out education because there are so many books tagged education that it made all the other tags look like ants! And what this? Nine million tags and not one gubernatorial?.

I do have one semi-political comment to make. I went down to our new voting place, a freshly built school on Munjoy Hill in Portland. The school also houses the local branch of the Portland Public Library, and indeed the school’s library and the branch library are intermixed.

Well THAT lasted a few weeks! Now the branch library is closed to adults during the day so that patrons and school children can’t come into contact. How sad. How very sad.

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