Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Birthday bookpile contest

On August 29th, just three short weeks away, LibraryThing will turn one year old! To celebrate, we’re having a birthday bookpile contest.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Take a photo of a pile of books – like the pile on the home page (aim for a white or light background, so we can easily clip it out in Photoshop).
2. Be witty and brillant and relevant. Genius is a word Tim and I like to toss around the office* – aspire to make us proclaim it about your photo.
3. Upload your photo to Flickr, and tag it LTcontest.
4. Email me (abbylibrarything.com) with the URL, and your user name on LT.

The prize: the winning bookpile will be featured on the home page on Tuesday August 29th. Winner will also get two free annual memberships. Two runners-up (provided we get at least three entries!) will get one free annual membership.

The deadline: August 27th at midnight (EST) – we need to have time to actually look at all of the submissions, after all.

The not-so-fine print: by submitting your photo, you agree to allow LibraryThing to use it, or anyone else, as long as they’re talking about LibraryThing or the contest.

*no really. literally. it’s on a post-it note. it gets tossed.

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