Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Tab-delimited export

I’ve added a tab-delimited export, for use in Microsoft Excel and elsewhere. Go to the Extras tab to download the file to your desktop.

Tab-delimited supplants the former CSV export, which had some drawbacks. (I’ll be working to get it up to snuff in the near future.) Among other things, it handles special characters better, and includes all your fields. Problems remain with non-Latin characters, such as Chinese and Georgian.

So far, testers on the Google Group have reported no problems. If you find one, go ahead and post it there, or here.

In other news, also check out the Google Group for a cool new beta feature I’m developing, and asking for comments on. It’s not ready for blogging yet.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hello LibraryThing,

    I am trying to use the ISBN search to speed up cataloguing a small library then export all the data for use with PMB (an open-source PHP lending system). PMB will only accept UNIMARC format. Is the data that can be exported as a CSV from LibraryThing in UNIMARC format?

    Otherwise, can someone recommend a worthwhile web-based lending system that might be compatible with LibraryThing CSV exports?

    Kind regards,

    Ben Corser
    Spike Island Associates Intern

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