Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Slashdot and LibraryThing

Slashdot is running a topic Solving the home library problem? Happy users—and unhappy ones?—are invited to go on over and “represent.”

Current opinion is largely in favor of Delicious Library, that elegant but limited Mac desktop application. LibraryThing hasn’t come in for much mention, largely, I think, because Slashdot people are unaware of it. (If only Slashdot were written by librarians, who’s awareness of LibraryThing is approaching a saturation point, with each new mention starting “You’ve probably already heard about it from other people, but…”)

Delicious Library is, I agree, very beautiful and works very elegantly. But it’s totally desktop bound. Once you enter your books, they just sit there. Worse, it only uses Amazon. That’s great if all your books are in print, in an Amazon language, and you don’t care about cataloging data quality (or Deweys, etc.). Nor does it have tags…

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