Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

New server, new libraries

New server. After months of work and a few days of back and forth, LibraryThing is now officially on the “new new” server (the merely “new” server proving to be fast but also buggy). With luck this will be the last server change until LibraryThing is acquired by Walmart. (Oh, and LibraryThing data is now backed-up daily to two separate servers, one in California and one in New York.)

New libraries. I’ve added a few more libraries:

  • Trinity College, Dublin — LibraryThing’s first Irish library
  • Union Catalogue of Finnish University Libraries (LINDA) — LibraryThing’s first Finnish library
  • Columbia (CLIO). Columbia, Barnard and the Union Theological Seminary — LibraryThing’s first seminary and a heft university library
  • Washington Research Library Consortium (D.C.) — Eight DC-area libraries, including Georgetown, American and Gallaudet (website)

Want more? I picked this stuff up rather quickly, but I gather quite a few LibraryThing users do library catalog Z39.50 programming for a living, Want to lend a hand? I’m having a deuce of a time getting certain libraries to work (e.g., The Folger Shakespeare, and Oxford, which works fine for one phrase, but not for multiple). If there were enough interest, I could implement user-controlled library addition.

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