Monday, November 20th, 2017

Holiday Store & New Tote Bags!



LibraryThing is bringing a little more excitement your way for the holidays! In addition to SantaThing (signups close December 4th, 12pm EST) and our annual Holiday Card Exchange (more coming soon), we’ve added gorgeous new TinyCat totes to our Store and a bigger, extended sale on all LibraryThing merchandise!

First up is our shiny new TinyCat totes (pictured at right)! Made of 100%, certified-organic cotton, these bags boast an interior valuables pocket, key clip, contrast bottom, and open front pocket for smaller items. Pack your gifts, winter gear, and all of your book hauls in style this season—these beauties have quickly become a LibraryThing staff favorite.

While you’re checking out our new totes, you can also enjoy an extended holiday sale between now and Epiphany* (a couple weeks earlier than last year’s sale!). Snag even more amazing deals this year, including CueCat scanners for just $5 and all shirts for just $7.**

Claim your holiday merch from LibraryThing’s Holiday Store today, before we run out!

*Epiphany, Little Christmas, the night before Orthodox Christmas or the day after the Twelfth day of Christmas—and doesn’t your loved one deserve twelve LibraryThing t-shirts?

**Prices do not include cost of shipping. Shipping is included on Store pages.

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  1. Lilithcat says:

    Temptress. I don’t need another tote bag! But that TinyCat one is just way too cute.

    Serious question, though. How long are the straps? In other words, can I sling it over my shoulder? I can’t tell from the photos.

    • Sure, you do! 🙂

      The straps are about 14″ from the top of the bag to the middle of the strap, so you’ve got plenty of room to work with — I use them to tote my work stuff around and to mail out all of our Store merch. They’re sturdy and super easy to throw over the shoulder, even with a winter coat on!

  2. Robert B Waltz says:

    I second the question about the strap length. I need shopping bags with long straps (the one I have has two straps, 25″ each). I’d love to have LibraryThing bags for the purpose, and would likely get a lot. But I need shoulder-length straps!

    • You’ve got plenty of room here! These straps are 28″ total (each strap) — they’re sturdy enough to tote stacks of books and all the merch I mail out from our Store. Hope this helps!

  3. Robert B Waltz says:

    Thank you. Yes, I put in an order.

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