Friday, April 21st, 2017

Six New Sources: Amazon India, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and China

We’re pleased to announce the addition of six new Amazon sites to LibraryThing’s cataloging sources. They are:

This is big news, because although we’ve had academic library sources for these countries and languages, Amazon has far more books for most readers, and is always faster.

UPDATE: Books, Music, and Movies

Initially these sources were available for books only. However, we’ve now added movies and music data from all but one of them. Amazon Brazil only has data for books available. Amazon India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and China all have the option to search their books, music, and movies data.

To use them, go to Add Books, look under “Search where?” on the left-hand side of the page, and click “Add from 1077 sources.”

If you run into any issues, or have other feedback or questions, post them on Talk.

LibraryThing in Not-English?

Many members don’t know, but LibraryThing is available in more than a dozen languages, including ones for the new sources:

All translations have been done by members—an amazing amount of love and effort. Other sites include French, Germany, and our best-maintained translation, Catalan. See all of them.

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  1. .mau. says:

    great news!

    Just a question re the non-English sites. I am used to the English version of LibraryThing, since reading an English text for me is usually not a problem. Is there any compelling reason to switch to the Italian version?

    • Loranne says:

      If you’re happy and comfortable with the English site, I can’t think of any reason in particular to make the switch. The only real difference is in our Common Knowledge sections, which appear on work and author pages, and operate a bit like Wikipedia—they’re a place for factual information about the book or author, and can be edited by all members. Common Knowledge info can differ from language to language on LT, so we do split those up. For example, the canonical title of a work in Italian is not likely to be the same as it is in English. More thorough info on Common Knowledge can be found on our help page here:

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