Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Help libraries damaged by Hurricane Irene

Author Kate Messner posted yesterday about serious damage suffered by the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay, NY from Hurricane Irene’s floodwaters. Almost their entire childrens’ book collection was soaked beyond salvage, and they could use donations of money or books to replace the lost titles.

We’re sure there are other libraries out there in the same situation, so we want to help however we can. I’ve set up a wiki page to track needs and how to help, and I’ve contacted librarians at various libraries in the Bahamas and the U.S. reported to have suffered damage from Irene. I’ll be updating the wiki page as I get new information, but others should feel free to add to it, or to email me ( with updates.

I’ll be sending copies of some of my favorite childrens’ books, as well.

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  1. Martha says:

    The Libraries in Vermont.

    The West Hartford Public Library sustained major damage. The children’s department on the lower level was completely submerged by flooding and is a total disaster. The main level of the library has at least 4” of mud. Library Director Aileen Gillette believes that 60% of the library collection has been destroyed.

    Christine Friese has set up a DOL twitter account: VermontLib

    We will be posting news via twitter and we invite you to share news and photos for us to tweet (or re-tweet). Contact Christine for more info:

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