Monday, January 31st, 2011

Becoming a LibraryThing Author just got easier!

We’ve streamlined the process for becoming an official LibraryThing Author (and getting the cool yellow author badge on your profile, author, and work pages).

Each author and work page now contains a green “Is this you?” box on the sidebar. Once the author clicks the “Become a LibraryThing Author” link, they’re asked to choose just one title from a list of all the books by that author (this step is useful in making sure we have the right one in case of split authors), and then we’ll confirm Author status.

This was part of a more complete freshening up of our How Authors Can Use LibraryThing page, which includes info not only on becoming an LT Author, but also on hints for sprucing up author profiles, joining the Hobnob with Authors group, Author Chats, and more.

If you’re an author and want to become part of the LibraryThing community, we’d love to have you! Search for your LibraryThing author page, find the “Is this you?” box, and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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  1. AWGShemain says:

    I am very new to this and am fumbling my way through. Have just self published a book, Boarding School Boy, and am looking for ways to get it out in the market. Your option of having it reviewed appealed to me so I am trying to see how I go about it. To whom do I send a copy? How do I get members to read my book and post reviews.

    Ashley Shemain

  2. TromboneAl says:

    There is no Is This You button that I’ve found.

  3. I’m sorry, but I’ve tried several times to become a Librarything author, and nothing has ever worked. No problems on Goodreads and BookDaily. Your links often lead nowhere. These elusive and ethereal “is this you” buttons never show themselves, and I am thoroughly discouraged and disgusted with this site!

    Jeri Studebaker

    PS Now I just got the comment “You are posting comments too quickly; slow down”!!!!!

    You need a new web designer?

  4. I, too, have not found an “is this you” button. Does it only work with certain browsers?

    • Loranne says:

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Have you found the right author page that represents your work? If not, it may be that you need to add one of your books to LibraryThing first. Please email us at with a few more details, and we’ll be happy to help get you set up.

  5. fran mandich says:

    I thought I was reasonably computer-savvy, but I guess I was mistaken.
    Just attempting to join is a major issue.
    I put my name in and it tells me I must use letters only (or certain symbols). I’m using LETTERS!
    Also, I attempted doing this earlier this morning and thought I’d forgotten my password so I used “forgot.”
    OK…I had the new password in front of me and…guess what?
    I’m beginning to think that I’m just not destined to join LibraryThing.
    Oh, yes…I’m attempting to register as an author!

  6. Eric says:

    I just found the best way to get this to work. Forget the search for author page. Just add your book to your library on your LibraryThing account, then click on Your Books at the top of the page.

    It will display the books in your library with all the info (Title, Author, etc.). All you do is click on your name in the Author category, and it will pull up the profile which now has the “Is this you?” question at the top right.

    Finally figured this out after about 10 minutes of going on a wild goose chase here on LT.

  7. When I searched for my author page, that brought up a list of my titles, but no author page and no “Is this you?” button. So, I took a shot in the dark and clicked on my name following one of the titles. That brought up the actual author page and the all-illusive “Is this you?” button in the upper right-hand corner.

  8. Robyn C Rye says:

    Now I have an author page, where is my ‘cool, yellow’ badge?

    • Loranne says:

      You still need to request LT Author status by clicking the “Is this you?” link in the upper-right corner of your page. Then, your request has to be approved on our end—which can take a business day to go through. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions!

  9. Robyn C Rye says:

    I have already done that once, but am happy to press the button again. How do I get onto the author introduction thread— it tells me to introduce myself but then gives me a long list of other authors.

  10. Robyn C Rye says:

    I have joined the hobnob with author’s group but they suggest that i go to the author introduction thread and introduce myself.Only trouble is I can click the author introduction thread and get a list of names, but nowhere to enter my details.

  11. Sue says:

    I tried to add my books, and it was added to another author’s page—we have the same name.

    I removed my two books from her page, but how do I make a new author page for me, with the same name?

  12. Robyn C Rye says:

    I have updated both of my books on Amazon– will the updates convert automatically to my book page, or do I have to delete the two books and reload them?

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