Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Your publishers

I’ve pushed a Stats/Memes page that shows how your books stack up against the publishers in LibraryThing for Publishers.

It shows all your publishers, with the collections they’re in, and the number.

See Yours:

The main publisher page also has a “all” vs. “yours” toggle, so you can see the information there instead.

More coming on Monday!

Talk about this here.

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  1. DromJohn says:

    Glanced at the sample page and was surprised to see Mercer UP. I see their house from my work window.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Unfortunately, it thinks I have books from Penguin Australia.
    None of my “Penguin” books are from Penguin Australia.
    And one of the books listed as being from Penguin is not.

    And by “all of your publishers” it looks like you mean “all of your publishers who are also part of LibraryThing for Publishers”?

    I got excited about this until I saw that only a few of my books were listed.

  3. yoyogod says:

    This looks to be a little bit buggy or something. For instance, one of the publishers I have books by is Cemetery Dance. That page says I have 3 books by them. When I click on the link, it shows two books by Cemetery Dance and one Leisure paperback. Is it supposed to be showing just the books I have that are published by Cemetery Dance or all of my books that Cemetery Dance publishes an edition of?

    If it’s the former, it’s missing one (my copy of Killing Stages by Brian Keene) and is showing one that doesn’t belong (The Midnight Tour by Richard Laymon). If it’s the latter, then just by looking at Cemetery Dance’s page I can see two that are missing (Triage by Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, & Ed Lee and The Woords Are Dark by Richard Laymon).

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