Monday, January 11th, 2010

Local books, virality and Twitter

Virality is an awesome thing. LibraryThing grew virally, and we’re seeing the same patterns with our new Local Books iPhone application (blog post, iTunes), released last Wednesday.

Some highlights:

Most noticeable, though, has been the shift away from blogs, which were once the main way people found out about LibraryThing and its new features, toward Twitter and other services (see Twitter’s list of tweets with my original URL). I think that, for smaller topics like this, Twitter has simply taken over.

Maybe I’ll change my mind if someone at the New York Times notices the New Yorker or L.A. Times pieces, and decides to write their own!

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  1. Berko Shemets says:

    The LA Times article points out a problem I pointed out previously here:

    Namely, the old fairs/festivals. Since 2008/2009 have been removed as possible dates, it's impossible to mark mark them as defunct without changing the year of the event. Can you fix?

  2. neil says:

    I can't find a Library Thing app in the app store. Is this for iPhone's only? Does it not work on iPod Touch? If not, why not?

  3. neil says:

    Ah, found it now I re-read it was called local books, but still puzzled why searching for LibraryThing fails to bring up anything.

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