Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Hugos for two LT Authors!

The 2009 Hugo Awards (LT page) included awards for two LibraryThing authors—authors who are also members, and in this case ones with really serious LibraryThing collections!

  • Elizabeth Bear—member matociquala , with 1001 books cataloged—won “Best Novelette” for her “Shoggoths in Bloom.” Bear won “Best Short Story” in 2008 for “Tideline.”
  • John Klima—member johnklima, with 1,601 books cataloged—won “Best Fanzine” for his Electric Velocipede.

Congratulations to all the winners. The others include the social-media-savy Neil Gaiman, whose The Graveyard Book, won “Best Novel.” We’ll get him one day!

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  1. Clamato Tomato says:

    Wow! That is fantabulous news! Way to go!

  2. lisa-marli says:

    I think with Neil Gaiman it is a matter of so many books, so little time. If he catalogs at all, it would be a private item he started years ago.
    I know that is true with so many of my fannish book collecting friends.

  3. King Rat says:

    Hugs for LT Authors! Hurray!

  4. kath says:

    Huge Congratulations..
    well done!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well apparently we at LT had EPIC FAIL on Neil Gaiman because his most recent blog post (Sept 4, 2009) shows him to be on SHELFARI! I feel betrayed. )-:,

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