Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

New Member Stats

I’ve add two new sub-pages available from your Profile Stats page. They are “Overlap with Legacy Libraries” and “Talk and Group Statistics.”

Overlap with Legacy Libraries is split from the main stats page. We’re up to 13 complete “Legacy Libraries” now—W. H. Auden, Eza Pound and Walker Percy* were just addded. I can’t link to yours directly, but here’s mine.

“Talk and Group Statistics” provides way too much information about how you’ve used the Talk feature, including statistics like total messages, total messages by group and month and even a word count of all messages. (I have apparently written 336,449 words in Talk, which comes to some 1,121 typewritten pages!)

“Talk and Group Statistics” are private—other members can’t see your stats. Privacy aside, we didn’t want the stats to become, um, boasts. For demonstration purposes, however, all LibraryThing employees, however, are wide-open. Check out mine, Chris‘ and John‘s.

By popular demand, I have also included a nostalgia link to “Your first message.” Let me know what other stats you want on Talk.

*I was pleasantly surprised to find Walker Percy also read Thomas S. Kuhn’s The Structure of scientific revolutions and Malinowski’s Magic, science and religion.

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