Friday, October 19th, 2007

Pirates and haikus and contest winners

At long last, the contest winners!

Pirate book piles

I’m giving out two awards for the Talk Like a Pirate Day book pile contest, so congrats to
-Mr-Dustin-, with Treasure of Knowledge, and Emma*, for Here be Pirates—a delightful combination of books plus skull.

See other photos on Flickr, under the TLAPDLibraryThing tag, linked to in the comments of this blog post, or here on WikiThing.


Are pirate haikus
truly art? Or attempts to
bring meaning to bilge?

The age old question. Well, I love the LT haikus. More than words can describe. Especially now that I get emails which start “The haiku told me to email you about…” Priceless.

Here are a few of my favorites—gift memberships are winging their way to the authors of these gems.

But no one must see
all my birdwatching manuals!
Hide all your books here.

New to LibraryThing.
The day is gone. Tomorrow,
A new boss awaits.

Though ye sail under
many flags, your Tag Mirror
shows yer true colors.

Cutlass, cannon, argh!
The never-ending battle.
Splitters and lumpers.

Common Knowledge is
Uncommonly addictive
Leaves lie yet unraked

Look at all the LibraryThing Haikus on WikiThing—there’s help in haiku, general LT haikus, Library 2.0 haikus, and even Talk Like a Pirate Day themed ones.

Look, even Thomas Jefferson approves!

I delight, knowing
That my library lives on,
On the Internets.

*email me ( – I don’t know who to give the gift membership prize to!

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