Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Photo contest: Twenty-million/Halloween

Back when we had five million books!

We’re about to hit twenty-million books cataloged. It should happen Monday or Tuesday. Then Halloween is coming up later in the week.

So we’re doing a photo contest (see past ones)! Some ideas:

  • Make a spooky halloween book pile. Scary books and severed hands?
  • Make a twenty-million pile, or better, I’d love to get photos of people blowing out candles on books or whatever. Since we’re all virtual now, I’m going to ask all the LT employees to blow out something on a cupcake. Come join us and we’ll make a big montage of fire and puffed cheeks.

We’ll give out a winner (lifetime account) and two runners-up (year’s account) for each of the two categories. And glory, lots of glory.


  • Post your photos to Flickr and tag them “LT20millionhalloween” (also tag them LibraryThing). If you make a new account it can take a few days for your photos to be publicly accessible, so post a URL to them here or do 2.
  • Or, post your photos on the wiki here.
  • Or, if all else fails, just email them to and I’ll post them.

Contest ends MIDNIGHT Thursday, November 1.

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