Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Cooking bookpile winners

We had a lot of fantastic and inventive entries for the Cooking bookpile contest—thank you all!

Our first prize winner, who gets $100 to use on is Featherbooks, with “Cookbooks on Ice“—did you have no food, or did you clean out your fridge especially to take a picture? Impressive either way…

Second prize, and recipient of a free lifetime membership to LibraryThing is
I heart cooking & Librarything!” (Who are you? Email so I can send along your lifetime membership!)

And of course, a few more notable entries for your viewing pleasure… (All of them can be seen here).

“Eating History”, by Selkie—oh, the wit 🙂

“Which book doesn’t fit?” Um, can I guess “Game is Good Eating”?

“I’m an eclecticook.” (A dinner party I’d certainly like an invitation to).

Sing it with me: “I’m gonna wash those books right out of my shelf”

A dream game of Clue: “Elmo in the dining room with a Sweet Potato”. Fantastic. In oh so so many ways. (There were two other ways that Elmo kicked it, also worth checking out).

The oh so elegant “Afternoon Tea Cookbooks 2” by staffordcastle

Cookbooks from around the world, by MMcM

And last, but certainly not least… “Cook(ed) books” by tanja

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  1. Kevin says:

    The shot of the books in the oven is priceless! Gives a new meaning to “cooking the books!”

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