Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Mea culpa

… mea maxima culpa for the down time today. We had an idiotic technical glitch. The main “read” server got too full (350GB only seems infinite). Freeing up space was no problem; 80% were old log files. But we inadvertently changed permissions on a file which caused errors that “looked” like database corruption. Anyway, we learned our lesson, or at least a lesson.

All data is and was safe. Even if we lost that one, we have four more. And nightly backups.*

Thank you for your patience and support. John and I are going to go cry now.

*The topic of backups is high in my mind these days. My MacBook Pro’s hard drive died Wedndesday. I was amazed how little I lost. Five years ago, a hard drive crash would have sent me to the sanitarium. But LibraryThing is almost entirely online. I lost a few layered Photoshop files, and my Pando Calendar–which will be a HUGE pain to reconstruct. But all the programming is online, as are my emails, the Wiki we use for business documents, etc. That leaves some music—which I will feel no moral qualms at all about copying from the first person I meet who has it—and a season of Battlestar Galactica I wasn’t much interested in seeing again.

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