Thursday, March 8th, 2007

March book pile contest(s)

Well, it’s hard to imagine that spring is close (at least here in Boston, where it’s ranged from almost 60 to under 10 degrees in the past week alone), but I think it’s time for our next book pile contest. We’re particularly fond of March here at LibraryThing—all three of us have March birthdays!

This is another combined contest. March is Women’s History Month, and I’d love to see celebratory book piles!* Gather your women’s history books, books by your favorite female historians, throw in Jane Addams or Simone De Beauvoir for good measure, and pile away.

We’d also like to see your spring related piles—I can’t wait for spring to come in full force, so give me gardens and ducks and mud. And books, of course. (But not muddy books, please.)

The rules: Post your photos to Flickr. Tag them “LibraryThingMarch”. If your submission doesn’t show up on the global tag page here, (Flickr sometimes waits to post photos from new accounts), post your URL in the comments here.

The deadline: Saturday March 31st at noon, EST.

The prizes: One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Abebooks (sponsored by a recent user donation – thanks!). Two runners-up will get an yearly gift membership to LibraryThing.

Our last contest winner (from the 10 million books/valentines/presidents bonanza), madinkbeard is currently waiting for the mail to bring their prize—a slightly over one hundred dollar copy of Cy Twombly: A Monograph from Abebooks.**

Looking for inspiration? Check out past winners in our book pile archive.

Update: Since March is also Small Press Month, we’re including that in this contest too. Book pile away!

*And today is International Women’s Day! The LOC has a great page linking to some of their women’s history collections—I love their women and war collection (though I wish there was more from WWI, since that’s my pet research area).
**Apparently other potential expensive book choices included Krazy & Ignatz: The Complete Sunday Strips and Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays, but the art monograph won out.

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