Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Never the Twain shall meet, um, Gibbon

Frustrated that Terry Prattchet and Neil Gaiman keep getting combined? Unforunately, the system makes a few bad combination suggestions, and now and then somebody takes it up on them. To solve this I’ve added a feature to the author pages:

I kicked things off by permanently divorcing Edward Gibbon from Mark Twain (!). But I’ll let you guys tackle Gaiman. I’ve deputized the Combiners group (which, in the best LT tradition, sprang into being spontaneously) as the place to fight out whether Jack London and Emile Zola are really the same author.

More changes along these lines soon, including visible logs for combination action.

PS: I also cut down on the number of “Also known as” names visible, unless you click “see complete list.” Nabokov was getting absurd…

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