Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

More Mosaics

“You are what you read” has turned into a bit of a mini-meme, with Chuck Close-style book cover portraits popping up all over. In addition to David Louis Edelman’s post that started it all, we have Geoff Coupe’s, followed by two excellent blog posts.

Mark Edon (that’s him at right) posted a Mac-oriented tutorial, including a very useful method for using Safari to quickly download all the images from the “All Your Covers” page.

4:14 has posted an extensive PC-oriented tutorial, replete with screenshots, which also gives guidance on grabbing images, as well as AndreaMosaic tips. And in a new twist, it goes all postmodern by using book covers to make a mosaic of… a book cover.

We love these things. Send in more, and we’ll start a gallery.

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