Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Better work combining

Until now, work combination was an author thing, if two works didn’t share authors they couldn’t be combined. This is good enough most of the time. But some works have multiple authors with different ones taking the “main author” spot in different catalogs. And it didn’t work with authorless works.

For now, you can’t combine any work, but only ones that share an ISBN. The list of potential combinations is available on each work’s “book information” page (), at the bottom of the page. If it proves useful and popular, I may move it.

Here’s a good example—three editions of (multi-author) Cluetrain Manifesto that weren’t combined with the main one:

But not every suggestion is good. Here’s The Rule of Four. I have no idea what that Babichev book is doing there. It might be member error, a source error, a publisher reusing ISBNs or a rogue publishing reusing a known number instead of paying for a new one. Anyway, I suggest you don’t combine it!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix authors generally. The Cluetrain Manifesto is still listed under a single “main” author. We hope to change that soon.

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