Monday, November 27th, 2006

Small features and bug-fixes

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as we did. With all the tryptophan in our systems, we didn’t make any major progress over the holiday. But we chipped away at some lesser features and bugs, in between courses:

  1. Groups now sport RSS feeds for recent messages. We plan to add feeds for your groups, your posts, etc.
  2. Tag pages now offer feeds for the most recent books tagged X in your library. They are also available when you look at a tag in your catalog too.
  3. LibraryThing widgets are now available in the Latin-1 character set (UTF-8 remains the default). If you have a blog in Latin-1, and a lot of non-English books, widgets now work.
  4. LibraryThing’s universal import feature now accepts raw, encrypted CueCat data, so you can scan your books away from an internet connection.
  5. The “all books” links on tag pages (eg., biography) is much faster now. (It’s not always fast, but it won’t take five minutes.)
  6. The same goes for “recently tagged X” RSS feed; it’s faster on high-frequency tags. I don’t think many of you were watching the most-recent “fiction” tags, but Google and Technorati were, and all the “database churning” was slowing the site down.
  7. Chris may have solved a major forum bug—the “Bermuda triangle” bug, where one message in 50 or 100 gets inexplicably lost. Cross your fingers and hope he’s right.

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