Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Swap info in your library

Following the recent integration between LibraryThing and swap sites, I’ve added an optional “swap” column to your library. It shows the combined available/wanted numbers for the three swap sites that share their information with LibraryThing.

By default, the column is hidden. The checkbox to turn it on is also available from the “edit” control in your catalog, and on all swap pages.

Or just go ahead and click here to turn it on.

Improvements: In the future it might make sense to allow you to show totals from only the sites you belong to. And we plan to integrate swapping deeply into the upcoming “collection” feature, so you can see what you’re swapped, what’s on it’s way, etc.

PS: Clicking on the swap column toggles it between sorting by top available and top wanted.

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