Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Arrr… the pirate bookpile winner

Aye, ’tis late in the day here, so aye, me hope e’eryone has been talkin’ like a pirate today. Aye. (Look, a pirate-speak translator! If only I had seen this earlier today…)

Ahoy, now, the contest winner be announced. Only se’en people entard, but they war steller representati’es. (Me parrot concurs).

So we thank all of you – the pile held together by a bottle of rum, Donogh, (bookpile); the extensive photoshoot on the beach (one of my personal favorites) by Opinicus, (bookpiles); a pirate clock? who has a pirate clock? Argyriou, (bookpile); classic sea travel by brandonw, (bookpile); FTPLYA, (bookpiles) – the end result of looting a ship?; and of course, the clean nautical pile by debra_hamel, (bookpile).

It was indeed a close contest, but we’ve (ok, me, but with input from Tim) decided that the winner is… (drum roll…)

Topper, with an excellent mix of pirate books and pirate background (plus, the Sea Dogs is Portland Maine’s baseball team). So, congrats to Topper, who gets a year’s membership. (And a newspaper pirate hat, if he lives close enough to me – do you?)

Thank you everyone who entered, and be watching for the announcement our next bookpile contest, which will be sooner than you might expect (hint: start gathering your banned books).

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