Monday, August 28th, 2006

Happy Birthday LibraryThing!

Today, LibraryThing turns one. Last week we had cupcakes in honor of the five millionth book being added; today, we celebrate with book piles!

The moment you’ve been waiting for—if you check the homepage, you’ll see the regular bookpile has been replaced with ottox’s winning submission, which came complete with a story! It was witty, relevant and brillant. Congrats to him.

We got a really good response to the birthday book pile contest. (So much that we’re inspired to make holiday-book pile contests a regular thing.) It was hard to pick just one to feature on the homepage for today. They were festive, interpretive, celebrations of growing older, and of classic youth. A special mention goes to lilithcat, whose photo was pure genius (hint: read the lined up words in the titles in a line down), but a little too blurry.

The two runners up, who each take home a year’s gift membership, were staffordcastle (look at the first letters of the
book titles
) and, for the delectable combination of wit and photo retouching, Rachael (who also nailed us on a love of cupcakes)!

Thank you to everyone who entered—and to everyone on LibraryThing for reaching this milestone with us.

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