Friday, July 7th, 2006

Server update / Cape Elizabeth, goats, pigs do the LibraryThing

Neither Zabby’s Traveling Farm Animals nor this pot-bellied pig endorse LibraryThing.

Tomorrow from 9-1:00 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine’s Thomas Memorial Library there will ice cream, crafts, a tent, face painting, magic lessons, a professional balloon-twister, a “standup chameleon,” and animals from a traveling petting zoo—including this pot-bellied pig—AND if that were not enough, Abby and Tim giving out free LibraryThing accounts!

The Thomas Memorial Library Foundation is sponsoring our table at a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the library rennovation. And free accounts will be available at the circulation desk for the rest of the year. With some luck, we’ll pick up some local members. If you’re a local, but not a Cape Elizabethan, stay tuned; we have some other local-area plans in the works too.

Meanwhile, while we’re with the goats, Chris is busy working on racking and synching the new “monster” server. By Friday we should have three servers online, and four or five by the Friday after that.

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