Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Big catalog update / welcome Christopher

Please extend a warm welcome to Christopher Holland, LibraryThing’s newest employee!

To kick things off Chrisopher has given the catalog major facelift and upgrade.You can now edit book information right on the screen, without using the “pencil” icon. Just double-click the cell and an edit box appears where the content was. The new interface also has a search box visible at all times. (I realized we needed then when, to my surprise, the search function turned out to be one of the top-hit pages.) Oh, and a new, soothing color.

Double-click to edit
Edit and save

The new control bar:

About Christopher. Christopher (LibraryThing conceptDawg) is a technology consultant by trade but studied fine art, graphic design, and digital media. He is also heavily involved in digital collections research in the area of the humanities, specifically in the field of archaeology. He is currently working on another project that is similar to LibraryThing, only it consists of archaeological data and objects from numerous museums and research projects. Christopher is also an avid painter and photographer and is a regular on the Technique forum at Flickr (username conceptDawg). His family is very book-oriented and his grandparents are collectors (soon to have their collection on LT).

Christopher can be reached at

Come give us your thoughts, on the comments here or on the Google Group.

To compare and contrast here’s a link to the old catalog. You’ll need to get back into the new catalog after that.

Note on editing.
The in-place editing works for all editable fields. Okay, that’s a tautology. Basically you can’t change the source library, entry date or LC Subject Headings. Deweys and LC Call Numbers, however, are fully editable, including the “green ones,” which represent LibraryThing’s “best guess,” based on work-level information. By editing green fields you move it from a guess to your own data.

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