Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Poets & Writers does the LibraryThing

The new issue of Poets & Writers has an article on LibraryThing, Strangers Meet in Virtual Libraries, by C. Max Magee (blog). It’s tackles the social side of LibraryThing nicely, drawing on an interview with Tim and with LT user Grunin. I like this part:

“Bibliophiles are easy to spot at cocktail parties. They are the ones lingering near the host’s bookshelves, their heads cocked at a forty-five-degree angle, scanning the collection of books and comparing it to their own.”

I know many LT users are also authors, so I’ll mention that the issue also includes the article The Writer’s Web Site, by Sue Bowness, advising writers on how to get a web site. It’s a good, basic introduction to some of the issues, but—speaking as an ex-SEO guru—the advice about Search Engine Optimization is off-base.

PS: This is Tim, reworking a post of Abby’s as she works on the tshirt issue.

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