Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Books back from the grave

There was a minor crash. No books were lost. In fact, the problem is just the opposite. If you deleted a book on Saturday, you will find it’s back. The same goes for book-data changes made Saturday (excluding tags, reviews, comments, summaries and any combinations); these changes will have “snapped back” 24 hours. Also, if you added a book on Saturday, and tagged it after—not while—adding, you may find the order of the book’s tags has shifted. This is what happens when the main system fails, but the backup systems (writing all new books to a file and having backups in CA and NY) do not. I’ve learned some lessons from this one too, so future problems should have less impact.

I’m looking forward to the coming week. On Monday Abby finally comes up to Maine, and we buy some cheap Staples furniture. On Tuesday, LibraryThing officially hires two people. Announcements to follow..

PS: It’s a little slow this morning. It needs to build up a “cache.”

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