Friday, February 10th, 2006

Duplicate book warning / scheduled downtime 2am EST

Duplicate book warning. I’ve added a feature to the Add Books tab that flags when you add a book already in your collection. Since “duplicate” is such a slippery concept, it works exclusively by ISBN.

I will be rolling this feature out past the Add Books page in the coming days. I wanted to get this out there because a number of users wanted it as they re-add books lost during the crash.

Also—fair warning—I’m going to be forcing the ISBN fields to conform to a standard, hyphenless format (some libraries like to add hyphens). If you use the ISBN field for something else—like your own personal code—you may lose it in a day or two. Write me if you neeed help moving it.

PS: The book featured above, Sophie Belfort‘s The Marvel College Murders is fantastic, a hillarious, intelligent murder mystery—really a novel of manners—set at a fictional Boston-area university. I was amazed to find nobody else on LibraryThing had read it.

Scheduled downtime. LibraryThing will have a scheduled downtime at 2am EST (11PM PST, 8:00 GMT). My dba-helper is going to try something to improve stability.

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