Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Down at 11:00 EST

I have to take LibraryThing down tonight at 11:00 EST (8:00 PST). I’m swapping in a new server, and there’s just no way to do that “on the fly.”

I don’t want to over-promise, but I think it will help. (It’s currently calculating book recommendations, at a rate of 500/minute!) More important than any short-term speed gain, it’s set up in such a way that I can snap on additional servers at need. LibraryThing has a lot of different sorts of database interactions—from catalog-display requests to highly complex social calculations. Some, like widget-serving, must never wait ten seconds. Others, like a complex all-library word search, can. Ultimately, all these different requests should not be running on one machine, and one that also serves all the web pages, etc.

Anyway, it’ll be down from 11:00 tonight until some time in the wee hours.

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