Monday, November 28th, 2005

Some responses

I’m not making major changes this week, but just planning them. (I’m traveling on business.) But I thought I’d respond to some comments.

OCLC. I’ll look into “find in a library” functionality. I see the attraction.

Tags. I don’t think I’ll split different sorts of tags. Tags should be absurdly easy to enter.

Peter. Shoot me your email again. I try to respond to everything, but some emails slip by. I am interested in your UI ideas.

Covers. Covers are determined by ISBN. What LibraryThing should do—I think—is list all the ISBNs and covers for a given “book.” I’ll add that when I add edition disambiguation.

Christian Science. Google it. It’s a church—The Church of Christ, Scientist—started in Boston by Mary Baker Eddy. Among other things (and at the risk of speaking for another’s religion) Eddy believed in faith healing—that illness was really spiritual. The newspaper is connected to the church, but the only concrete result from that is a daily column on Christian Science themes.

Thanks for all the positive comments. I’ll be back making daily changes soon.

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