Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Three new features

Email comments: You can now have LibraryThing email you when people leave comments on your profile. Go to your profile and choose “edit profile” to enable this feature.

The profile now also allows you to choose whether to make your email public or not. Whether you make it public or not, I recommend everyone add an email, in case you lose your password.

Show number of copies: When looking at your catalog in list view, select “more options.” Not only does this add some buttons, including the delete button, as before. It now also lists by every book how many other users have it, as so:

You can click on the row-title “shared” to sort by this.

Recommendations: Book-by-book recommendations have improved again, with a lot of the pointless stuff removed. I also added a number by each book, showing the ratio of owners of both books to the owners of just the recommended book.

For example, here are the recommendations for Learning Perl. The 16/32 by the Perl Cookbook means that out of 32 copies of the Perl Cookbook, 16 are owned by people who also own Learning Perl.

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