Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Export added; what now?

I just added a CSV export feature, so you can throw the data into Excel, Access, Filemaker, etc. So, what now?

Some ideas:

  • Import filters for popular book-cataloging software. I’d start with Delicious Library, an elegant OS X application.
  • User-defined fields. I can add user-defined fields. For my sake, I prefer to use tags to keep track of where a book is, or who gave it to me. But others may prefer flexible user-defined fields.
  • Use of Amazon. How are people finding the LC data? It works for me, but I see some problems. The LC doesn’t always have copies of paperback reprints. So, you have to choose between the original edition or entering the paperback manually. I was thinking I could make it “fail” to Amazon—check Amazon if the LC doesn’t work. Or Amazon could always be an option.

What do you think?

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  1. Rose Jackson says:

    We have a LibraryThing account and want to export to access, can you tell me how you created your fields in access? Can you import everything including isbn?



  2. Many thanks TIM! I’ll try it!

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