Friday, March 5th, 2021

Welcome Lucy!

Our LibraryThing team just keeps growing! We are excited to welcome Lucy (LT member knerd.knitter, Litsy member KnerdKnitter) to the team as our newest developer.

Lucy will be working primarily on the side of things. Her background is as a Java programmer, so she’s going to start off by getting to know our systems and brushing up on her PHP.

A LibraryThing member since 2007, Lucy saw the job posting first on LibraryThing itself and then at code4lib. In other words, when we asked our members to help us find our next great employee, she found herself! That means, she gets the $1,000 book bounty. Lucy plans to split the funds between bookstores in Omaha, Nebraska where she lives with with her husband, Casey; her daughter, Sara; and her two senior cats, Kupo and Lilith.

Say “hello” to Lucy on her LT Profile or the Welcome Lucy Talk topic.

About Lucy

Lucy has two bachelor’s degrees: English from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion and Computer Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She has worked in libraries and loves shelving and cataloging so much she has cataloged her own personal library on LibraryThing using the Dewey Decimal system. Prior to working for LibraryThing, she worked as a software developer for 8 years.

She enjoys reading; knitting; playing board games, card games, and video games with her husband; The Simpsons; and semicolons.

Favorite authors: Sandra Boynton, Stephen King, Wally Lamb, J. Robert Lennon, Lionel Shriver, and Mo Willems

LT member: knerd.knitter
Litsy member: KnerdKnitter

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  1. majkia says:

    Welcome Lucy. Enjoy that bounty!

  2. Marquis784 says:

    Welcome, Lucy! Good luck with your new position.

  3. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Lucy!

  4. mahapita says:

    Congratulations, Lucy!

  5. Kathmuse says:

    Welcome, Lucy!

    Are you still in Nebraska? I’m originally from Omaha.


  6. IrishSue says:

    Congratulations, Lucy!

  7. chocorua says:

    Welcome and congratulations Lucy! I love libraries just as much as you (wish I would have pursued it as a career path too). Best of luck to you in your new role!

  8. Judy Lee says:

    Hi Lucy! Welcome! I’ve been a librarian many, many years. Good luck with your new position.

  9. Dear Lucy,

    Welcome and especially a BIG welcome to anyone who like Mo Williams from this retired school librarian!


  10. Laguayasaminaj says:

    Hello❣️ … and welcome. I do hope that you enjoy your new position and have a super time. Best wishes from a fellow knitter.

  11. mfala says:

    Welcome to the party, Lucy!

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