Monday, November 19th, 2018

SantaThing for Litsy Members


Every year LibraryThing members participate in “SantaThing,” our Secret Santa for book lovers.

This year we’re inviting Littens to join in!

The idea is simple: You sign up and pay $15–50 and choose your favorite bookstore. We match you with someone to pick books for, and someone else will pick books for you. We try to match people with similar reading tastes, and members help each other out with suggestions. LibraryThing staff does all the ordering and everyone gets surprise books for the holidays!

LibraryThing/Litsy takes no cut: this is a community project, not a money-maker. And it’s a lot of fun.

The first 20 Littens to sign up for SantaThing will get a free Litsy mug!(1) Mugs will be coming to the LibraryThing store soon. But you’ll get them first of anyone.

To participate:

Wait, what? Link your account? Yes. You can now link a Litsy and LibraryThing account. At present, it does almost nothing but enable SantaThing and give you a web page that summarizes some of your Litsy reading. It will do more soon!

Questions about SantaThing? You might find this post about SantaThing helpful.

Hoping to see you in SantaThing this year,
Tim, Loranne and the Litsy/LibraryThing Team

1. We’re defining Litsy members as members who posted to Litsy at least once in the last 14 days—this to favor regular Litsy members, not LibraryThing members who signed up for Litsy once upon a time. If there aren’t enough of these, we’ll open it to any Litsy member.

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  1. Soubhi Kiewiet says:

    I sign into Litsy with Facebook. I don’t seem to be able to link my account. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t have a separate password for Litsy, just my FB account info and link? Any idea or suggestions? I’m afraid if I try to change how I log into Litsy in might end up creating new issues…

    • Loranne says:

      Good question! As you’ve discovered, there’s no way to use your Facebook login here, so you’ll need to reset your Litsy password to get one to enter in. To reset your Litsy password, open up the app, go to your profile, and tap the gear icon to open Preferences. At the bottom of that page, you’ll find the “Log Out” link. Once you’ve signed out, you can tap “Sign in” again, and there you’ll find the “Forgot password?” option, that’ll walk you through resetting your password. Feel free to email me at if I can be of any further help!

  2. Dave Dayanan says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. We owe you great.

  3. Aletheia says:

    So… I think I’m definitely one of the first Littens to sign up for SantaThing (I super love SantaThing!!), but I didn’t link my 2 accounts until today (although I’ve been an active Litsy user for ~1.5 years now). I don’t see a deadline in this blog post. Is it open until sign-ups close tomorrow? Or have I just missed it by failing to link my accounts in time? Thanks :-}

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