Monday, July 30th, 2018

LibraryThing Models Needed: Show off your LT gear!

With LibraryThing’s 13th anniversary on the horizon (Aug. 29th!), it’s high time we updated our Store gallery. Currently, Store photos feature staff members (or our cute kids), and we’d like to change that—our store should reflect our membership.

We’d like you to send us photos of yourself, (or your family, your pets) sporting your favorite LibraryThing (or TinyCat) gear. A few highlights will be featured on our main store pages, and the rest will go into a gallery for LT members to see.

Email your photos to, or post them in your member gallery, and point us to them.

Be sure to send in your photos by Monday, Aug. 20th, so we can compile them in time for our anniversary.

Win a free shirt

Don’t have a LibraryThing or TinyCat shirt, or need an update? We’re giving away 20 t-shirts (winners’ choice) at random. Fill out this form to enter the drawing. Winners will be picked and notified on Wednesday, Aug. 8th, 5pm EDT, so be sure to enter before then.

Update 08/06: We’ve had so many entries into the drawing, we’re upping the number of shirts we’re giving away to 40 instead of 10!

» Enter the drawing


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  1. Connie Hieb says:

    Entty for T-shirt

  2. Judith says:

    I would love a t-shirt so I can educate more of my friends about LibraryThing

  3. S Benjamin says:

    I mentioned IT to the Friends of Daniel Boone Regional library during our search for library cast-offs. The volunteer was intrigued! Insurgent OR reach out to Friends groups.

  4. dtw42 says:

    “and point us to them” – how do we do that?

  5. Dave Dayanan says:

    🙂 feels great on shirt.

  6. BookDoc16 says:

    I’m just wondering why I keep seeing the “ad” for this t-shirt entry on my home page every time I log in to LT, when the deadline passed nearly two months ago. I missed it, and I have a great picture I wanted to post, too. So please, clear this off & quit rubbing in my disappointment.

    • Loranne says:

      Sorry to hear our home page news post is bothering you. We left it up in order to encourage folks to continue to send in their photos. I’ve adjusted it to remove mention of the giveaway. Please feel free to send your picture to me at and I’ll be happy to add it to the gallery!

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