Friday, September 11th, 2015

Edit and reorder sources in Add Books

Good news: We’ve improved the sources system within Add Books a lot.

Bad news: We had to transition to an entirely new sources system. Most members kept their sources, but some members and some sources couldn’t go into the new system easily. If you lost sources, you may need to choose them again. Fortunately, the new system’s a lot better at that.

You can find the new options on Add Books:

Everything now happens in a light box. The “Your Sources” tab allows you to reorder and delete sources.

You can browse and choose sources, divided into “Featured” and “All Sources” on the other two tabs.

As you’ll notice, a fair number of our sources are currently down. We’re working to get as many up again as possible, and add new ones. If you’d like to help and know something about Z39.50 connections, you’ll find we give our current connection details when you click the yellow warning marker.

You’ll also see other, very significant new stuff. But that’s a matter for another blog post!

Three cheers to our developer Ammar for the add-books changes!

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  1. davidgn says:

    Awesome! As a heads-up, I added some additional Z39.50 sources to the wiki at a week or so back — not sure anyone’s been checking that. Also, would be cool if someone were to sort the USA sources by state. Maybe I’ll get on that and send you the results?

  2. Clifford Walk says:

    I read I can add books, music and movies to my list of where to search. On the “Edit and Reorder sources in Add Books” page I see a long list of other sources. But they are not clickable links. When I try to click on one a new page opens up with the list with an X in the upper right corner. But from there, nothing happens. I have to click the browser (Chrome) back button to exit this page.

    Thanks for your help. I’ve been using LibraryThing for years for my books but I have a sizable music collection I’d like to catalog as well.

    • Loranne says:

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you please drop us an email at We’ll be happy to help you from there. Some more details will be needed (your LibraryThing username, a link to the page where you’re running into this issue, etc.) in order to sort this out.

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