Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Cataloging improvement II: Date selectors

Yesterday I added calendar “date selectors” to many of the places you can enter dates into LibraryThing. The selectors are optional—you can always just type instead. But they may come in handy.

Click here.

And get a date selector.

Along with this, and along with the recent export improvements, a number of important long-running date bugs have been closed. We look forward to help identifying and squashing what remains.

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Technical note: We used jQuery UI’s datepicker.

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  1. Michelle Rafael says:

    I noticed today that the date format I had selected awhile back had reverted back to the default. I assume this new feature was the cause. I reset it and hope it stays put until or unless I change it.

  2. Tim says:

    Hmmm. No, the date format should not have been affected by this. The code is totally unrelated, so I can’t see any way it could affect it. What did you change it to, do you think?

    The new date selector does, however, use the YYYY-MM-DD format no matter what. So if you pick a date with the selector, it will be entered in that format. It will subsequently display, however, in your chosen format.

  3. Michelle Rafael says:

    At the time, I think I had it as for example: March 4, 2013. However it reverted to , I think yyyy-mm-dd. I changed it to mm/dd/yyyy. It has been holding correctly. Not a big deal, as it is easy to change.

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