Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Welcome Kristi

We’re thrilled to welcome Kristi (LT member kristilabrie) to the team, as our new Project Specialist for LibraryThing.com. Say “hi” on her LT profile or on the “Welcome Kristi” Talk topic.

Last month, LibraryThing began scouring the Portland area for a new Junior Social Media Specialist. We interviewed a number of excellent candidates, and after meeting Kristi, decided to take the job in a different direction. While Loranne will continue to run Early Reviewers, social media, etc., Kristi will be keeping tabs on site business like managing new feature requests, keeping track of progress, and following up on bug reports. Expect to see a lot of her on Talk!

About Kristi

Kristi’s passions are eating, cooking, exploring the outdoors, eating, travel, and eating (did we mention she loves food?). While studying for her B.A. in Zoology, Kristi spent a semester in Tasmania where she fed kangaroos, explored the rainforest, and interacted with Tasmanian Devils. In 2010 she graduated and moved to Portland for a summer with Environment America, U.S. PIRG, and the Human Rights Campaign.

Kristi fell in love with what the city of Portland had to offer and decided to start planting her roots. She worked as an administrator at an independent children’s school for a few years and cultivated her love for lifelong learning, systems, and general technology geekery. She just recently purchased her first home with partner Chris in the summer of 2013. They live in a lake house with their two Maine Coon cats and hope to soon add a Golden Retriever puppy named Duncan to their family. In her spare time, Kristi is learning to kick box, paint, and practice permaculture on her property—where she can harvest food to eat. She loves DIY books and sci-fi novels!

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  1. Boobalack says:

    Welcome, Kristi! You’ve had such an exciting life. We have something in common. I, too, love food. lol And also cats. I know you’ll enjoy working for this great group of people. Don’t know any of them IRL, but everyone is always so polite and ready to help.
    Best to you.
    Boobalack/Lettie Ann

    • Kristi says:

      Thanks so much Boobalack/Lettie Ann! Food is an amazing thing. What sort of cats do you have? I am definitely an animal person (if the B.A. Zoology didn’t give me away). I’m already loving the vibe here and thrilled to learn more, there is definitely “an ocean” as Tim likes to say!

      Looking forward to interacting with you all, virtually.


  2. Welcome, Kristi! Have you ever tried growing Belgian endive (aka chicon or witlof) or white asparagus? We love them here in Belgium, where they grow in abundance.
    Best wishes,
    Diane Fresquez

  3. Muscogulus says:

    Welcome, Kristi, from an older PIRG activist now in Alabama. I’m sure you’ll like it here.

  4. Dr T says:

    Welcome Kristi. I hope u enjoy ur new position and ty for joining the team. R u interested in medicine? Veterinary studies?

  5. Hi Kristi! I am impressed to see someone who is an activist and is also into technological geekery as well! On the topic of LT, I don’t know what bug tracking will be done, or feature requests will be followed. I think LT is perfect the way it is, it’s clean and professional and not all cluttered up with ads and unwanted side menus and items… *cough* Goodreads *cough* 😉

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