Friday, August 30th, 2013

Goodbye Jeremy

Jeremy wins one.

Tim and Jeremy lose one.

Yesterday LibraryThing turned eight, and today we say goodbye to Jeremy Dibbell (jbd1), LibraryThing’s social-media guy and all-around LibraryThing soul.

After nearly three years at LibraryThing, Jeremy is moving on. Next week he begins work as Director of Communications and Outreach at Rare Book School, located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. We’ve loaned him to Rare Book School each summer he’s worked for us. He’s looking forward to joining the team there full time.

Jeremy is a long-time and much-loved member of the team. He was an early adopter, and became LibraryThing’s official-unofficial head of the Legacy Library project long before he came to work for us formally. Most members probably know him from the newsletter, our Facebook and Twitter feeds, from member-help emails, and for his Talk posts, helping new members and laying out his vision for LibraryThing’s development.

We aren’t going to lose him completely. Jeremy will continue on for a few weeks helping us where he can and giving his successor(1) some tips. And he will continue as head of the Legacy Library project. Indeed, as he says, he’ll have more time for it now. I suspect he’ll make his views about the site known too. I doubt he could help it.

It’s not easy to summarize everything Jeremy has done for us. Some highlights include:

  • Sending 10,600 emails, not counting those that came from He saved us from drowning, and far exceeded what a run-of-the-mill “social media” manager could have done.
  • Growing the size of the Early Reviewers program from around 1,200 books/month to today’s 3,500 or 4,000/month.
  • Helping to design, troubleshooting and discussing every major new feature in the last three years.
  • Continued growth of the Legacy Libraries program (see an overview here), including the new landing page, most of the Libraries of Early America (1,500+), and a number of wonderful LL flashmobs.
  • Special events, like our edible books contests, and book spine poetry.
  • Playing Santa for SantaThings 2010 (the Book Depocalypse), 2011 and 2012.

Jeremy moved to Portland to take this job, living only a block away from my house and the office. (My wife and my son were particularly grieved to hear he was leaving.) Being in the office gave his advocacy for members and his vision for LibraryThing extra impact. He’s been at the center of every major decision–from features to hires–for some time now. He’d be harder to miss if his contribution was not more obvious in the culture he leaves behind.

Sad as we are, we’re also excited for him too. He’s been passionate about Rare Book School for years–continuing to help out there in the summer was a condition of his taking the job. Charlottesville is a beautiful place. It is also close by Monticello, where Thomas Jefferson built his library. When he left Jeremy gave my son Liam a children’s book about Monticello and Jefferson’s love of books. It is fitting that Jeremy is there now, with his Jefferson-sized library and bibliophilia.

So, from me and all the LibraryThing staff, thank you Jeremy.

1. In case you’re wondering, our social-media job is still open, but closing fast. See the job post.

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  1. Cindy Bidwell Glaze says:

    I will miss him terribly. He helped this technologically illiterate person find a home on LibraryThing, answered all my questions, and encouraged me to branch out and use more features of LT.

    His kindness and knowledge will both be missed

  2. Judie Amsel says:

    Jeremy has been LibraryThing to me since I joined. I’ve looked forward to his pleasant, informative communications and he has ALWAYS responded quickly to any inquiries and comments I’ve sent in.

    I’ll miss him but wish him the best in his new job. It sounds very interesting and engaging.

  3. SqueakyChu says:

    Jeremy has been a terrific addition to the LT staff. I can see how hard it is to let him go. Fortunately, we’ll still be graced with his presence even though he’s taking a full time job in Virginia.

    Jeremy, thank you for everything you’ve done for LT and for me. You were always quick to respond to my emails whether they contained gripes or fun things.

    Best of luck with your new full time job!

  4. Joan Weed says:

    Best wishes Jeremy!

  5. IrishSue says:

    Jeremy- I’ll miss you as one of the faces of LibraryThing, but welcome to Virginia. You will find many book lovers here in our beautiful state.

  6. Lisa Carey says:

    We will miss you Jeremy. Or as Liam calls you, Jermy. In addition to all the things you did on the job, you were a lovely neighbor, friend and children’s party game assistant. I don’t know how many times you played with Liam and cardboard boxes in the office, but it was certainly far more than anyone expected. It will not be the same without you. We wish you luck in all your endeavors!

  7. Kate Baxter says:

    Wishing you all the best as you begin the next chapter of your life’s journey. They are fortunate to have attracted you to the Rare Book School.
    “…Not fare well,But fare forward, voyager(s)”

  8. Amanda B. says:

    I remember when LT announced J’s hiring! Sad to see him leave but I am sure he will love Virginia–a beautiful place. Best of luck, J!

  9. batchelorboy55 says:

    And thanks for the help & patience with us newbies

  10. Michigantrumpet says:

    Chiming in with the good wishes. You’ve been an integral part of my LT experience. Will miss you! Enjoy Charlottesville. Great place.

  11. Heather Rogers says:

    We will miss you Jeremy. You have always been quick to answer any problems. Good luck in your new job, it sounds like a wonderful place to work when you are a bibliophile. I know you will do wonderful things with and through them.

  12. BarkingMatt says:

    Who could pass up such an opportunity? Way to go Jeremy! But you will be missed. See you around on Legacy Libraries.

  13. TooBusyReading says:

    Jeremy has been a wonderful part of LT, patient and efficient and kind. We will miss him.

    I wish you all the best, Jeremy, and we’ll see you around the campfire.

  14. Lilithcat says:

    I will so miss Jeremy! And I know everyone at LT, staff and members, will feel the same. I knew he’d done a ton for LT, but seeing it all listed out like that really brings home what a loss this will be. Those are some big shoes the new hire will have to fill.

    But, oh, what a fabulous new job! Best of luck, Jeremy, and do enjoy. Glad to know that you’ll stick around for Legacy Libraries, too.

  15. EAG says:

    Wishing you all the best, Jeremy! You’ve been a terrific asset to LT and will be missed.

  16. Rob Larson says:

    Goodbye Jeremy! I am going to miss your email messages. I hope your new adventure turns out to be wonderful.

  17. LucindaLibri says:

    Best Wishes Jeremy! And thanks for all the help on so many things . . . your patience with my questions was always appreciated and will be remembered.


  18. esta1923 says:

    Please add my voice to all good wishes and many thanks..

  19. k4k says:

    Jeremy, I wish you all the best in your new position. Thank you for all you have done for LT. One of the wonderful things about LT is that you can leave, but you will still be here. I hope we will still here from you regularly.

    Best wishes,


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