Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Goodbye John!

Goodbye John (Felius), LibraryThing’s long-time sysadmin.

John’s been great to us. He took on a system under severe scaling strain, going down all the time and held together with string, and he sized it up and made it reliable. He moved the whole system from Portland to Boston, and made it both safer and faster (example, example). After almost four years with LibraryThing, John is moving on to Engine Yard, a Ruby-on-Rails cloud-hosting provider. His work and his company—John was a lot of fun to chat with at night—will be sorely missed. John promises to hang around as a member. He’s been one since 2005—long before we hired him.

We finished hiring John’s successor. More news soon.

PS: John managed to time his exit to System Administrator Appreciation Day. Believe me, we appreciate ’em.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    John, thank you for all you gave to LT. Glad to “know” you, and look forward to hearing about your future escapades.

  2. Geri says:

    Wish you the best, John!

  3. sophie says:

    THANK YOU – you did a great job.

  4. Mistydream says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you did for LT. Good luck on your next job!

  5. Evert Meulie says:

    John, keep up the good work, even though it won’t be for the L-Thing. I’ll keep stalking… err… following you on Twitter.

  6. SqueakyChu says:

    Sorry you’re leaving your sysadmin job here, but it’s nice to know you’re moving on to something else you’ll enjoy. Thanks for all the support you gave to LIbraryThing over the past few years. Glad you’ll still be sticking around as a member. Best of luck to you, John!

  7. kath says:

    Good Luck John..
    Thank you ! I am glad to know that
    you will be staying with LT as amember ..

  8. rodeo ninja says:

    Good Luck!
    Thanks for keeping things running smoothly.

  9. saratoga99 says:

    Truly appreciate all your efforts to keep LT up and running. Wish you all the very best, and I mean that with “no strings attached!” Thank you, John.

  10. Noisy says:

    Thanks and good luck.

  11. Dominique says:

    Goodluck John! Thanks for everything that you’ve done @LT 🙂

  12. MerryMary says:

    Smooth sailing, John. Thank you for all your wonderful work. I know that Engine Yard is lucky to get your services. (As soon as I figure out what a “Ruby-on-Rails cloud-hosting provider” is, I hope to post a more cogent comment on your new job.)

  13. Lman says:

    Thank you for everything John – your work was very much appreciated.
    Awww…it was great having an admin from Oz too; you will be missed!

    Good luck with your new job and with your family. 🙂

  14. Brickhorse says:

    Thanks for the great work, John! I love LibraryThing, and I’m sure it’s partly because of the work you have done. Good luck!

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