Monday, May 2nd, 2011

LibraryThing for Publishers adds ONIX and FTP

We’ve added the capability for publishers participating in our LibraryThing for Publishers program to transfer their data to LT using the ONIX metadata format, a bibliographic format virtually all publishers produce, and using FTP, the industry standard for ONIX transfer.

For existing LTFP publishers, you can add ONIX feeds to your publisher profile via the “Set up FTP Transfer” option on the Edit profile and settings page. We’ll grab the ONIX file on the schedule you set via FTP and process it.

New publishers, you can set up your LibraryThing for Publishers page by following the instructions here. Any questions, or if you’d like to submit your data by another method, email me (

We’ve also added a whole bunch of great publishers since our last blog-update. These include:

See the full list of publishers participating in LibraryThing for Publishers.

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  1. Esta1923 says:

    Delighted to see Norton. Will Yale Univ. go only to UK??

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