Friday, April 15th, 2011

ReadaThing Planned for April 23!

To celebrate their first anniversary, the folks in the ReadaThing group have planned a 24-hour readathon for Saturday, April 23. You can join up here by signing up to read for an hour of your choice, and list what book(s) you’ll read on the participation wiki.

Or, if you’re up for a bigger challenge, The Green Dragon is hosting a “Do Nothing But Read” Day on the same day, Saturday April 23. They invite all to join in, so if your schedule allows and you’re in need of a nice long day of reading (and who among us isn’t!?), take the plunge!

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  1. thejazzmonger says:

    “Rough Country” by John Sandford; Read from 10:00-11:00 PM (or maybe later)

  2. techeditor says:

    How nice for all the people who can afford to do nothing but read for an entire day! Although April 23 is a Saturday a day off work for me, it’s really not a day off. As anyone who works full time will agree with, days off work are days to get all the work done at home that you weren’t home all week to do.

    The only time I had time to spend all day reading is when I had pneumonia.

  3. jjmcgaffey says:

    That’s why I prefer the ReadaThing – that’s one hour (or more, if you can manage it), rather than a whole day. And I don’t know anyone who’s actually managed a whole day even doing a full ReadaThon – I’m sure there are some, but what I see is people saying “I read all day, except for when I had to…” or “when I fell asleep” or…

    The idea of the ReadaThing is to have _someone_ from LT reading for each of the 24 hours. Or someones, by preference. With LT’s worldwide reach, every hour is convenient for someone…and it’s fun to think your reading hour is connected with others around the world.

  4. I’ll sign up to read on Saturday as much as I can!! Looking forward to it! I have a LOT to catch up on!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  5. Don’t know if the first message went thru??? I’ll sign up to read Saturday!

  6. Nicole W says:

    I am excited to be able to participate in the ReadaThing on April 23. This is the first ReadaThing I have participated in since joining LT several months ago. Selected my slot, and my book, I am ready to go!

  7. convivia says:

    Reading back issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education before getting back to Vasily Grossman’s THE ROAD. Also starting Dave Eggers’ ZEITOUN. However this evening I will go to see the well-reviewed South Korean film, POETRY.

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